This application is management tool for companies for managing work along with employee efficiency and updating status on regular basis. This project will cover employee task management along with time taken by employee to complete work and list of employees working on specific task for further selection.

Employee Efficiency Management System

Employee Efficiency Management System


          For any company employee resource management is a complicated task and assigning works and analyzing status of works for big projects and grading employee is important. In order to handle these details human resource team use different software application sand web portals.

Existing System:

In current system there are no specific tools which manages employee tracking and efficiency calculation based on task assigned. Employee grading other information is given in report form by team leader or employee based on these details employee hike, promotion is calculated.

Proposed System:

In proposed system we are providing a web portal which can manage employee details and have multiple categories and features for employee, admin, human resource team and analyze reports based on records uploaded for each employee and take decisions in short time.  This process can help in assigning tasks, employee promotions and salary hikes.


Admin Module: admin will upload information of each employee with all required details, he can add, delete , modify existing records.

Human Resource module: Human resource team can look after employee records and assign tasks and analyze daily work reports and submit report.

Employee Module: Employee can view records and status of works and new assigned tasks.

Download Employee Efficiency Management System Project source code, project report.