Employee Shift Management System Project is developed in asp.net. Main objective of this project is to develop a web application which is useful for managers to handle employee work schedule and shift details effectively.

Employee Shift Management System

Employee Shift Management System Objectives:

The proposed system is an attempt to provide a rich solution to lessen the inconvenience in handling the cumbersome job of managing and scheduling a large pool of employees who are to be assigned to different shifts. Systematic handling of the schedules in such a way is a key to increasing its manageability. Objective:-

  1. The job can be decomposed to convenient modules of setting / editing shift details as per the project requirements so that they can be implemented easily and more productively.
  2. A comprehensive report generation technique is in place to put on screen the various categories of reports as per the requirements
  3. One manager/team leader is only responsible for his team and can’t have the details of other teams. This brings in security to the system.
  4. The allowances of the employees who work in different shifts is calculated by the system for the benefit of the GAP / Finance department
  5.  Shift swapping is also possible with the new system.
  6. The employees can be given the facility to view their shift details as well as the allowances that they are expected to get.
  7. Employee backup facilities can be incorporated in case an employee is not able to turn up for the designated shift


Download Employee Shift Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net , Project Report, Documentation, ppt.