The main objective of Enrolling Migrant Workers Management System project is enrolling migrant workers(who are going to  United States and United kingdom) in various Insurance schemes, personal accident coverages, pension schemes and other areas through  online.

Enrolling Migrant Workers Management System Project

            The main motto of this website is to cultivate   easiness for client to perform his task

Justification and need for the System:

  • As Client organization cannot spend much money for recruiting a person to get detailed information about benefits in other countries.
  • So it is easy to proceed with Midwest.

Enrolling Migrant Workers Management System Advantages:     

  • Time Saving: The system is self-explanting and does not need any entire sophisticated training. A system has been built by concentrating on the graphical uses interface concepts, the application can also be handled very easily with a novice uses. The overall time that a user needs to get trained is less than 15 minutes.
  • Money Saving: Its a costly process to send a person to gather information about the benefits provided by every organization. The company has to spare lot of money to recruit a person .So client  company approaches the Midwest website which is very economical process
  •  Security Oriented: This website is very secured because every module has got its own user id and password

Previous Work Or Related Systems, How They Are Used:

          Previously the work of enrolling migrant workers to different kind of benefits is processed through postal service and courier service. But now the work was made simpler after the launch of Midwest inclusive.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

Benefits’ Processing for Migrant Workers project is very useful for companies in providing more information about all the benefits that can be provided for a migrant worker whom the company wants to migrate his employee. The system reduces manual work during registration of different migrants to different schemes. This system provides online payments for the client company. New migrants are also registered through this portal. The companies can have the expected information at its desk at any time, with respect to any instance. Generating required reports as per the operational requirements becomes much easier and information availability at hand.

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