To automate the process of transactions and managing different tasks related to franchise business between head office and franchise owners this software will be used. This works as a web application through which users from any location can access this application using web services. There are different modules for both franchise owner and who can log in with their own credentials. Using this software both modules can cover enrolment details, a collection of fee details, fee remittances, material allotment, chatting and report generation. Using this software new users can update details of enrolment, payment made in advance and stock details…etc all these details are stored in the centralized database.  Along with these details using this application franchise owners and users can see agreement details, partner details, and course allowed to run details.

Existing System :

There are many franchise companies which are working on different areas face problem in handling different types of works like billing, managing agreements, taking decisions..etc. With these process, total process of customer support and business standards are reducing. With this existing procedure maintain franchise business is becoming and complicated task.  There are many complex issues like giving royalty and update agreements. In order to do all these works companies should hire employees who need to coordinate with franchise dealers.

Limitations of existing System : 

There are many issues in existing system mainly related to time and cost. Providing effective support for dealers in the short time is not possible.  In this system, we need to employee co-coordinators which will increase cost.

Proposed System:

The main objective of developing this project is to reduce manual work and increase efficiency by performing all operations through a software application. Using this system it is easy to pay course fee in given time and know pending details and schedule meetings and check performance in short time. As this application is direct communication medium franchise can contact owners directly and give feedback and improve service. Other best features are there are no specific geographical boundaries. Users from any location can communicate with them.

Download  Franchise Management System Project in Asp.Net source code, project Report and ppt