General Title is ‘Making new friends online and exchange the knowledge’

  Specific Title is ‘Friends Book Social Networking Project ’

Our solution is a website application based on a database that will save all required data as we planed.

Friends Book Social Networking Project

Friends Book Social Networking Project Aims:

  Make it easy and simple to make new friends from all over the world.

  Exchange your knowledge with your new and old friends using our services.

 With our service you can keep in touch with your friends using our SMS service the site.

 Because we don’t need to cheat our customers we will not sell their contact data like emails to Advertising agencies and I will define this method soon.

 All what we need to make our clients to feel safe with using our services.


Because different users to the internet some of them are men and some are women they all represent different stages so we notice some problems encounter internet users such as:

 Most website are difficult to deal with because they use lots of fields and controls I have to fill before login so it is a problem I want to have a nice time with out wasting any minute.

If you looked at websites that help people to know each other, you will find it not fast as you were wish before visiting it.

  Safety and privacy; One of the most famous of these sites was suggested that for the U.S. intelligence. So how you will fell safe if you don’t trust the site that you visit again and again.

These were some of the most important problem we hope to solve and the following lines are the suggested solution we hope to achieve:

  Our suggested solution for the first problem is very easy because we will not take 2 minutes from the user to register and he will not wait to send him his access code no, after successful registration we will let him login and manage his account up to his mood.

 About the second problem, it is very easy to solve it by using Ajax with java script and all techniques that make it as fast as possible.

 We will not work with any one that makes our clients data un-secure and we will not sell our clients email to advertising agencies.