Project Title : Giant Store Management system Project  is a web based application in This software will help to manage equipments in the store like inventory management. 

Gain Store Management System Project

Store Management System Project aim(s):

  • Improve store management processes by control equipments in the store.
  • Manage the Inventory Store in efficient and accurate way.
  • Control and follow up all transferring processes between different stores.
  • Provide reports about the store status.
  • Reduce the waste of money to buy supplies and new equipment.
  • Automation processes of the incoming and out coming equipments.
  • Improve work performance within the company.
  • Alert store administrator about equipments which are near to zero units in the stock.

Problems in Existing System:

  • All warehouse process and transactions (register new materials, picking, receiving, stock inventory) takes long time that returns to depended on manually procedures to handle these processes.
  • A business needs a number of materials which near to be Out of stock and must re-order. Waiting for the shipment to come in slow down the supply chain process.
  • Needing reports describe the currently stock status with accurate data.
  • Needing for human work to controls and manage materials in the warehouse it causes many mistakes 
  • Big cost and waste time for each document and paper needs to be stored and archived.

Solutions in proposed System:

  Giving each material its own warehouse location by determine the location of a stored material  is to always assign it to the same place to easy find it

Project software development skills:

  Web Development skills :

We will deal with ASP.NET and we must know how to access it’s tools deal with SQL SERVER we must know how to create database and deal with the interface must know how to design by HTML, CSS to make a good design for this application and We must also know how to implement coding in C#

 Warehouse Management skills:

It’s important to learn a lot of things about management , warehouses and how to control the warehouse how coding and storage products and how to deal with exports and imports and discards and out of date and improve your business and make it more successful