Health Care Management System Project  is a website that helps both the client, SPAs and owner’s health clubs as it provides them with many services.Now a day’s our earth should be pure, clean and healthy, the main objective of our site is caring about our health by increasing ways of treatment and preventing diseases and protect our bodies so we keep it healthy, by natural treatment and decreasing the rate of using chemical medicine, in order to avoid side effects of these medicines.

Health Care Management System

 Target customer.

Before defining all problems that we hope to solve, we have to say that our clients or customers will be any kind of people may be doctors, teachers, business men, business women and any person who is looking forward to relaxing and meditating also looking for such trustworthy methods. and we have to mansion that their became a lot of new medicinal treatment methods such as natural treatment and physical therapy and they exist now at many places around the ARAB area represented in a shape of medical centers and SPAs.  

And now we have to mention some problems that we hope to solve in an easy way and to push customers to deal with such ways of treatment through this project to reach our aim as we hope.

Problem definition:

      Human neglecting natural treatments and physical therapy, and depending only on chemical medications, the thing that endangers their health, in this issue we should comment “in this cases many people ignoring or avoiding these methods and it makes a hole gap between people and these kinds of treatment or these services. also lake in confidence because they cannot trust dealing with new unknown services, and the big reason is high coasts, customers have to spend a lot inside such places which provide these kinds of treatment, also been satisfied for treatments as we know without discussion, need high coasts”.  

      People’s lack of knowledge concerning medical tourism. And high trips fesses to gain their fully treatment.

      Owners of SPAs and healthcare centers need to communicate with the people who have a lack of knowledge concerning medical tourism and tell them about it and its benefits.

      Saving clients’ names with difficulty.

      The difficulty of defining the different kinds of medical services.

      The difficulty of organizing clients’ bookings.

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