The Health Care Product Project in Asp.Net enables an end user to view the details of doctors, patients, ward numbers etc from the hospital  database. End user place a query to gather particular information at the enquiry counter. The operator sitting there then provides correct information to the users by using this product.

Health Care Product

Health Care Product Synopsis:

Using this hospital management system project admin will have higher permissions to manage database records. He can delete, modify, edit existing details from database. 

Users can also make request for the hospital bill and computer generated bill will be issued to the users by using this product. Our aim is to provide up-to-date information to the end user.  

List of Forms and there functionality: 

New Staff joining Form:  This form is useful for adding new records to database when new employee is joined in hospital. This form consists of name, fathers name, contact number, address, education , date of birth, designation, date of joining.

New Patient form: When new patient visits hospital his/ her details are updated to database using this form .

Update Staff Details: Staff members details are updated to database using this form. This form consists of employee id, name, address and same options that are available in new staff joining form.

Update Patient details: Update existing patients details by using Patient id. Remaining options are same as that of new patient form.

other forms 

staff member details

patient details

search staff member by name, id, specialization, 

search patient by name, id, bed number

blood donate form, view blood donator’s, add patient bill form

Download Health Care Management system Project source code in Asp.Net.  For executing this application download software.