Hotel management system Project in Asp.Net (HMS) is a small program that is related in the field of hotels to manage customers. This project is designed to fulfill the need of the future generations. 

Hotel Management System

This project is small package which includes different categories as well as having all possible features. We have expected that it will be helpful to the, customers as well as Administrative member. 

We will improve this project in future with online room reservation system and also improve in security by providing a magnetic coated card to permanent customer for automatic check in and check out. 

We are waiting for your best suggestion and encouragement which could make us improve the future programming much better then the one we have carried out.   

Hotel Management System Conclusion:

This project made by the handwork of the group members and is a small effort in the development of larger programs, and it involves limited aspects which are needed in day to day hotel operation. 

The software development although is a very difficult task but it can be carried out successfully with the effort of the group work. After the completion of this project we learnt different things about software and its development. We also learnt to work in a group and realize its importance. 

Thus this project can be a guideline for the beginners and can be example for the development of a small program.

Algorithm for Search 

Step1: Start

Step2: Open Main form >Customer >Search

Step3: Click on the search type.

Step4: Enter the part of data you want to search.

Step5: Click on Ok to search record or Cancel to change search type

            If record exists then record is shown

            Else print message “No Record was found”

Step6: Stop 

Algorithm for Exit menu 

Step1: Start

Step2:  Click on File > Exit to exit from the program.

Step2: Print the message “Do you really want to exit from program”

Step3: If yes then close the program and all running forms.

            If no then return to the MDI main form

Step4:  End

Download Hotel Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net.