Hotel management System Project in  is a (web portal) that helps you manage reservations, bookings, guests and agents. This has been made in a user friendly interface. The user can search for the vacant rooms in the hotel and book for it. Booking can only be done by registered guests or through agents. The rooms will be added or updated by the admin and the same would be available for the guests to book them.

Hotel management System

A user is added by the admin, and is given the access for any of the rights that include adding guests and agents, reservation, booking, billing, viewing reports, etc.

Admin module is designed to ensure options of add, edit and delete the contents of the various pages in an easy format. Admin has control over the clients/users accessing the data and if required block users. An admin can view the booking details, transactions and coordinate the activity with the agents. He can track the entire site activity Reservations can also be made by the admin, at the back end, through a phone call or an email. He can also send an SMS to the registered users

Users can either be browsers or registered users. Registered users have privilege to access certain sections of data. There is a standard registration procedure for users/clients. Navigation ensures easy access to the user to all the material being displayed.

Hotel management System Administrator Panel:

Account Manager

-          Administrator – Administrator can add / edit and manage administrator accounts.

Hotels Manager

-          Hotels – Administrator can manage hotels that will appear on the site with the hotel name, description, facilities, phone and fax

-          Room Types – Administrator can define the type of rooms in the hotels, rooms prices and upload an image for each room.

-          Hotel Rooms – For each Hotel the administrator can define the rooms available, rooms number, max occupants and remarks on the specific room.

-          Bookings – All booking and reservations maid on the site are displayed with all booking details: arrival date, departure date, hotel name, room type, number of passengers, price.

-          Available rooms – Administrator can also search for room availability from the administrators panel and does not have to go on the site Reports.

-          Booking Statistics – Administrator can view statistics of booking on bar charts that show the difference in bookings according to months.

-          SMS Templates – Administrators can edit the text on each message.


This system is developed for the exclusively for the people of Hyderabad. It provides facilities to the user with user friendly modules with sub modules. This system is developed in understandable approach which can be easier to the layman of the computers.  This system is developed totally GUI based and with smart links.

Download Hotel Management System Project Report , Documentation, PPT, SRS, DFD.