Steganography is the concept used for providing security for users data. There are different types of stegnography methods but here are providing image stegonography related project.   Objective of this concept is to prevent dropping of data while information is passed from source to destination. This method will provide a best method to handle data.

This application image stegonogprahy project is implemented to provide security for data shared in corporate network . In this we use IDEA algorithm for encrypting data which will be hidden in images.  This data is integrated with compression algorithm before sending over network. 

Project overview:

Providing security for users data is the important step for any communication networks or applications. There are many cryptography and encryption techniques used in present systems. Image stegonoraphy is the concept used to provide security for user data by encrypting data in to image file. Where image file will be used as sending data but users cant encrypt data with our knowing decryption key.

 Existing and proposed system overview:

In existing system normal encryption methods are used where data is encrypted while transmitting data and decrypted with same key after receiving data. In this method hackers can capture data and try different methods to provide security.

In proposed system we use different image concept where hackers can only see images but data is hidden in side images using encryption.

 Download   Image Steganography   Project source code in java.