The instant internet project in  is a network-based project which is developed for easy communication between employees of the of the organization who are located in different locations. Using this application admin can interact with multiple users at a time using this application.

Using this intranet mailing application administrator can interact with projects leaders who are working on different projects and manage users log in and log out details. Admin can convey details of any project updates or meeting details to leaders in short time. If users are not online they can share offline messages with users. Team leaders can send instant updates on project status.

In order to trace users availability and work status, admin can store details of each user while starting a session and ending the session. These details can be useful for admin to know team leaders online status. There are no user-specific restrictions to chat with admin at any time.

Features of the project:

• The common interplay between the administrator and the project leaders/programmers.
• Mechanically recording the login time/logout time of the user.
• Maintaining online and offline messages and message view
• Employee hierarchical

Existing System:

In the existing system in order to establish communication between employees, there are mailing system and meeting systems. In this both methods it is not efficient to reach team leaders and programmers.

Using manual methods there is a chance of data manipulation.

Telephone-based communication is not efficient because of the cost factor.

Proposed System:

This project is especially advanced for the establishing verbal exchange between employees of the identical organization located at distinctive geographic locations.

Frequent interaction between the administrator and the task leaders/programmers.

Computerized recording of login time/logout time of the consumer.

Preserving online and offline messages and message view.

  1. Modules:

The application comprises the following modules.

  1. Online Chat Module
  2. Member registration Module
  3. Sending and Receiving emails
  4. Integrated Security Module
  5.  Admin Module:

Software requirements

OS Windows XP with SP2 or Windows Vista
Database MS-SQL server 2005
Technologies ASP.NET with C#.NET
IDE Ms-Visual Studio .Net 2008

Download Instant Internet Project Source code Project Report and PPT.