This Intra Query Tracking System Project in Asp.Net is mainly used to track the queries of the customers within the enterprise and clear up the queries. this challenge also sends the services to the client to discover the customer satisfaction and worker overall performance. The machine has a primary hassle in locating the product support and provider sports which might be undertaken via the employees. once the products have set up at the purchaser’s site, the cycle of assurance maintenance starts. to maintain the customers in a proper chain of pride the machine needs the statistics to be prepared in a proper relational way.  The task is to hold the relational communique some of the assignment is to keep this relational communique the various data, such that consistency, reliability, and integrity may be done. the major technicality within the machine lies in coping with the coordination the various sales and career departments, which is the principal maintain the device to gain or gain profits.

Modules Overview:

There are two main modules:

1. Customer’s Module

2. Employee’s Module

Customer’s Module:

Query Posting:

  • Customers ought to be loose to post their queries to the concerned department.
  • The system should pick out each question with an automatically generated query identity, for destiny references.

Overview of Survey:

  •  Customers must be able to submit the survey information on a branch by way of certainly choosing the branch and put up the survey info to the agency.
  •  In survey details provider the device offers the price of satisfaction of the client on a selected worker.
  •  The fee of satisfaction may be known by using giving ratings to the worker.

Status Details:

  • Customers ought to be allowed to check the repute in their query, by using the precise query identification provided via the system.
  • The machine should display the solutions in conjunction with the query to the customer, after posting the query.

Employee’s Module:

Query Posting:

  • The personnel needs to be able to see the posted queries, which are published with the aid of the clients.
  • An employee can visit the queries published to that branch most effective.
  • The worker ought to post lower back the solution to the queries he has acquired.
  • An employee can’t handiest see his rating but also score of different employees who are working in different departments.

Survey Updates:

The employees need to be able to see the survey details posted with the aid of the clients.
He can able to see the survey info of all of the departments.
This machine should additionally offer registration of latest clients for the business enterprise.
The clients have to be able to see the regularly requested question requested via the clients.
A password safety with at ease mode choice is furnished to guard against un-legal get entry to the database.

Software Requirements:

  • Generic Technology Keywords: Databases, User Interface, Programming
  • Specific Technology Keywords: ASP.Net, C#.Net, MS SQL Server
  • Project Type Keywords: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing
  • SDLC Keywords: Presentation, Business Object, Data Access Layers

Download Intra Query Tracking System Project in Asp.Net Project source code in with Project Report.