The aim of Intranet Banking Project  in java was to explore new avenues in computing Like the distributed systems along with traditional concepts like OOPS and networking.

Intranet Banking Project


This project aspires to be a simulation of sorts for a Network Bank in the near future.

 If coupled with appropriate hardware this system can be turned into ATM software.


  • Client-Server Model based on sockets and ports.
  • Multithreaded   Server having Microsoft Database.
  • Intermediate   Administrator for deposits.
  • Client Side is platform Independent


This project Consist of three modules.

1) Server Module

2) Intermediate Administrator

3) Client Module

Modules Description:

1)      Server:

Basic functionality of this module is given below. Using this module we can process client data and manage accounts of clients which contain creation of new data and deletion and updation of new data. 

The Following are the Server side Functionalities.

  • Account Creation, Deletion, Updation.
  • View Account, Reports, Account Logs.
  • Client Authentication.
  • Client Monitoring.
  • Centralized Data Processing.
  • Creation of Account Logs 

2)      Intermediate Administrator 

In this module basic intermediate functionality is managed like checking account status and privilege management.

  • Privilege to Deposit.
  • Can check Account Status. 

3) Client

 Client module is the user module who can access bank account and perform various operations like money transfer, balance check, view account log, transfer money to other banks ..etc. 

The Following are the Client side Functionalities. 

  • Withdraw and Transfer Money.
  • View Account, Account Logs.
  • Change PIN, Passwords.