The project Intranet Mail Server in Asp.Net is a web based configuration tool for managing/configuring Internet Information Server (IIS). We are proposing a software utility which will provide a web supported interface to the end user for configuring different features of IIS whether it is web services, mail services, or FTP services. Our system will interact with the user to update the home directory or virtual directory for web or FTP servers. This software utility is useful for network administrators and using which they can manage a server from any remote location over the internet. 

Intranet Mail Server

Network administrator will also require managing the type of files that can be published over the web, users that will be authenticated to upload the web contents.

Also the system will provide the end user with the facility to start, stop and restart the server. 

As we see that the system is web based interface hence we will be able to use the software application in any platform environment i.e. it can be used from any other operating system other than windows like UNIX, LINUX. 

 It uses the windows ADSI (Active Directory Service Interface) feature to explore the IIS services from ASP.Net(C#) web application. 

ADSI services provide certain configuration files where these configurations about IIS are saved so modifying these files can solve our purpose. Since the application is web based it is strongly feasible to be adapted by users.

Intranet Mail Server Objective:

The project hence completed is intended to meet the requirements and hopefully perform the tasks mentioned below- 

  1. To develop the control panel for IIS (Internet Information Services).
  2. To configure Mail server, FTP Server ant HTTP Server.
  3. To use features of ADSI (Active Directory Services Interface).
  4. To mange a server from any remote location over internet.   

Download Intranet Mail Server Project in Asp.Net with Project Report and Documentation.