The main purpose of Life Insurance Management System project ( Asp.Net) is to estimate some important statistics of Micro insurance in the current market of India by gathering and analyzing data which is available. The statistics will be useful to prepare better insurance plans to boost up the Life Insurance industry in India. 

 Life Insurance Management System


a)    Admin module: This module allows only registered members to log in and manage the users and article.

b)   Registered users module: This module allows to known the premium details of the users and product details.

c)    Public user’s module: This module generates reports giving information about the insurance and statical information.

Purpose of the System: 

This web site is an online micro insurance Analysis and information management system that provides easy access of information regarding the people and resources of insurance. This site is not a static site but with wonderful dynamic facilities like search tools for insurance awareness articles, guidelines, illustrations through images for visitors. This site also provides several dynamic features. 

The developed system should allow admin users to register insured persons with their name, date of birth, residence address, medical history and also policy details. After registering all the insured persons, website should provide management facilities like delete unwanted persons’ data. And also should provide awareness to the visitors about micro insurance through articles. 

Life Insurance Management System Overview:

Most of the micro insurance organizations are not having any existing fully computerized system and they are managing the information in the form of Excel spread sheets. Data of agents, Insured persons, Policy details, insurers’ list, TPA s (third party Administrators) data, etc are maintained using Excel sheets. 

The system has the following drawbacks.

  • Every member organization has its own data structure
  • Due to lack of centralized data structure, it is very difficult to merge the data to analyze the statistics
  • Difficult to search for a data
  • Possibility of duplicates, etc 

Proposed System 

The proposed system (phase-1) provides easy solution for the above and some other problems by providing a common and centralized database structure for all members. The developed website provides the following facilities to the admin users. 

  1. Common Database system with common data structure
  2. Registrations of insured persons
  3. Insured Person search
  4. Manage insured/Registered persons
  5. Content Management (Articles)

Server-side Requirements 

Operation System          : Windows 2003

Web Server          : IIS 6.0(Internet Information Server)

Framework           : ASP.NET 2.x frame work enabled

Database              : SQL Server 2000/2005

Minimum Space   : 1GB (including Database space) and may grow depends on the  Customer information 

Client-side Requirements 

Browser : Any HTML 4.0 or prior version compliant browser with a Minimum Screen resolution of 800X600 pixels

JavaScript: JavaScript should be enabled in the browser

Download Life Insurance Management System Project Report