Mobile payment system project is developed in which is useful for helping users to manage mobile bills, send and receive information from any location at any time.

This application will provide an option for any type of users from job holders, housewives, and business persons to pay bills through this web application. This application can save time and reduce manual process.

This web application has most advanced features compared to existing bill payment methods with a user-friendly interface. This project works on client and server architecture.

Purpose Of The Project:

  • The main objective of this project is to design a simple interface for users to assist mobile users to view different types of bills and perform operations at any time.
  • With a simple user interface, a user from any location can view any information which can be accessed by different types of users.
  • Mobile bill on-line fee machine has the maximum advanced set of accessibility capabilities for providing users with a bendy, person-pleasant interface. Some of the extraordinary functions of this application encompass gaining access to the facts on the server and retrieving the information from the database.
  • A consumer could by no means feel new to a vicinity with this application on his mobile. while a consumer selects to launch mobile invoice fee, he’s logged on to a display screen where he is requested to pick which provider he would really like to get right of entry to. Then based totally on the customers choose the person is offered with a listing of the specific service invoice info. If the user selects the alternatives provided at the display given he is instantly provided with the information bearing on that specific carrier

Existing System:

  •    In the existing system, a user needs to visit stores to pay bills which are a manual and time taking process.
  •   Time taking a process and manual work are required.
  •    As this is manual work most of the work is done manually.
  •    User cant uses any user interface to process data.
  •    In this system, there is no report generation
  •    It’s a limited system and fewer users friendly.
  •   No chances of report generation only billing procedure.

Download Mobile Payment System Project in source code, project report and ppt.