Mobile Virtue Mart E Commerce Project is a java based web application designed to buy any type of products through online. This application consists of admin and user modules. Admin module is explained below.

Mobile Virtue Mart E Commerce Project

Admin Module: 

  • Administrator :-

List admin: – Admin sees the information about all admin.

Add admin: – Admin can add, delete, update the information about all admin. 

  • Manage Customer Details :-

List customer: – Adminsees the information about all customer.

Add customer: – Admin can add, delete, update the information about all customers. 

  • Manage category details: - E.g.  Printer, scanner, camera, webcam and other category. 
  • Manage brands details: – E.g. HP, Sony, Canon, Dell,Acer, Lenovo and other brands. 
  • Manage products details:-Sub part of category and brand selling, like  printer have  sub part color printer , dot matrix , inkjet printer , laser printer and some other printer. 
  • Manage content:-

News subscription:- When registered/guest user subscribe for the news,     she/he will get the information about the latest news like new product launching and, new offers or any news from the site to their email.

Topics: -User can see information about company, contact information.

Manage privacy & security: – Admin manages the user information with high security and privacy.

  • Manage News:

News: -Admin upload the information regarding new product in website.

Search log: -Usersearches the information about then product then admin only shows the data regarding search by user. 

  • Manage credit card type: -Like Visa card, Master card, American Express, Discover card.
  • Manage tax details: -Admin manages tax details like toll tax, vat, income      tax, sales tax, purchase tax, and shipping charge.
  • Generate the reports: - Admin generate the reports like day wise,week wise, month wise, year wise.
  • Order management: – Usergives the order of product and admin only show the order information give by user.

List Order: – Admin Sees the all order information.

List Shipping Method: – Admin sees the information about the    shipping method.

Add Shipping Method: – Admin can add, delete, update the shipping method information.

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