Aim of  System

                                  The Mutual Fund Management System Project provides information about script details, stock history, maintain portfolio, user/group wise watch list, and provides various types of reports.

Mutual Fund Management System Scope:

                                     Currently the SOFT.NET performs all the integrated Mutual Fund Management System. Some work develops by small window base program, which is very complicated and takes much time and not satisfied client request. It was not possible to maintain forms and lots of time consuming. So there was a need for making it can fastest working system and online management system.

                                         The Client-Server Based System Names “Mutual Fund Management System” such easier and faster it has solved problem for profit and loss of share and makes report of  day wise buy and sales , date wise report, report of balance sheet statement.

Expected Advantages: 

        There are so many advantages of Mutual Fund Management System So following are some expected advantages of it. 

This system is specially designed for the Mutual Fund Management System, keeping in mind that it will work for any client. 

This system can generate various reports such as sales script report, purchase script report, balance sheet report, Portfolio wise report, etc, for particular user profit and loss report. 

This system increases the user knowledge about invest in Mutual Fund and profit -loss of particular MF script. 

This system does not require the user to learn highly expensive computer courses but user must be familiar with the computer and put in practice for few hours. He has to manage each and every transaction on the system for it to work successfully. 

The paper work of the user will reduce. 

It’s online system so user can access from everywhere through internet. 

If minimum value or maximum value of share price comes then E-mail and SMS is send to user.

Download Mutual Fund Management System Project Report , Database Details, Flow chart, Data flow diagram.