Net Conference Project in is developed under dynamic internet concept which plays important role in established a computerized method of communication system between employees inside corporate company. 

Net Conference

This application is useful for sharing data like documents, files, source code, project reports..etc.  E2M conference acts as a private network in a wide spread organization. Main aim of this system to improve standard of work environment ,complete task in short time and easy to communicate with others. Information shared within this system is secure and can be viewed from any part of the world.

Features of the project:

  • Useful for sharing data between employees and establish a communication platform.
  • Employees can share documents, files, source code, project reports..Etc.
  • Easy to manage employees details, company branches. 


Admin Module: 

  • Admin will have permission to delete, modify, and update database details. Mainly he will handle master records related to branch, department, and employee. Only admin can manage all these details other users won’t have permissions. 
  • Admin is called primary user of the application he can perform all types of actions on database tables based on application requirement. 


Manager module is part of employees who will look after data sharing between employees inside organization. He has permissions to view documents, forward document form one employee to other employee and view which person is sending to which person and features of document and them give permissions to further access. He can participate in conference between employees and share ideas. 


Employee is a normal user who will have restricted access but can safely share information between other employees and managers. He can send documents, view documents, share files and participative in conference with other employs.  Employee module is always observed by manager is admin.

Download Net Conference Mini Project in Asp.Net with project Report, Documentation, PPT, Project Manual.