The scope of Offline Website Downloader Project  outlines the utility of the project. It lists out the targeted audience and how the project is to benefit them more than the existing system.

Offline Website Downloader Project

   Webgrabber can be used in a home/company  to download and save a website so that they can be used even when an internet connection is not available. Also , images and videos stored in the server can also be downloaded and a copy can be kept so that when the need arises , we can just look it up and not bother about whether an internet connection is available or not.

   Another targeted audience is the student community. Students can use this to download study materials and store them in their computers and use them as and when they are required without bothering whether an internet connection is available or not. This can be extended to schools and colleges also. Once a tutorial site is downloaded students can browse through it offline instead of going online every time he / she needs.

Proposed Offline Website Downloader Project :

The proposed system is designed to meet all the disadvantages of the existing system.In the proposed system a number of features are added to the project for the proper functioning of the system. Offline browsing is the important feature of the system. The new system has been proposed to handle the existing functions in more efficient and oderly manner.

Download Offline Website Downloader Project Report in Asp.Net with design details and screen shots.