This idea is aimed at developing an online blood donor application. The entire challenge has been developed retaining in view of the allotted consumer server computing era, in mind. The blood donation agent is to create an e-information about the donor and company which might be associated with donating the blood. Through this software, any character who’s interested in donating the blood can sign in himself in an identical manner if any corporation desires to sign up itself with this website that also can sign up. Furthermore, if any general consumer wants to make request blood on-line he can also take the help of this website. Admin is the main authority who can do addition, deletion, and change if required.

Existing System:

• Can not add and download the contemporary updates.
• No use of web services and remoting.
• The threat of mismanagement and of records while the project is under development.
• Much less protection.
• No right coordination between distinct applications and users.
• Fewer customers – pleasant.


The improvement of the brand new device includes the subsequent activities, which attempt to automate the whole technique keeping in view of the database integration method.
1. Consumer friendliness is supplied with the software with numerous controls.
2. The system makes the overall task management a lot less complicated and flexible.
3. Effectively add the contemporary updates, permits the user to download the indicators with the aid of clicking the URL.
4. There is no danger of records mismanagement at any stage whilst the challenge improvement is underneath method.
5. It offers a high level of security with an extraordinary degree of authentication.

Proposed System:

To debug the existing machine, put off approaches the ones cause records redundancy, make navigational collection proper.To provide records about audits on the different degree and also to reflect the present day work status depending on organization/auditor or date. To build robust password mechanism.

Download Blood Donor Project in source code, document.