Online classified project is a web application developed to help users from different locations to place ads and sell items or get customers by giving advertising or booking tickets through online..etc. At present there are many website which are related to classifieds but this website has more features which covers jobs, booking cinema tickets, selling cars, real estates, matrimonial , rental services..etc.

Online Classified Project

Features on Online Classified Project:

Individual users will have permissions to manage personal profiles.

For students this application is useful for searching courses and address phone number of the institutions.

User who want to give rents can post adds in the classified website and get calls from users.

Users who want to sell apartments or lands can give add under real estate category.

Users can search for movies timings and book tickets under movies category.

For selling and buying used cars users can post ads under automobiles category.

Admin will have permissions to add , delete, modify existing records. 


Along with helping users to get their work done we can even generate revenue from advertising.

Paid advertising for add postings will be a good option to earn money.

All category features are available in this application. 

Changes have to be made before executing the project

1. Copy the given project folder in your system.

2. Right click on the folder, select the properties and click on web sharing tab

3. Click on share this folder in the following screen

share this folder

4. Select Write, Script source access and Directory browsing

default website

5. Click on ok and then Apply

6. Open web.config file from project folder and change ConnectionString parameters like

  • Database/Initial catalog
  • U id/User id
  • Pwd/Password
  • Data source

8. Then save the web.config file

Download Online Classified Project Source Code in Asp.Net.