In today’s modern, sophisticated and fast world, online classifieds Portal have become a medium of communication among the internet users. On one end it is informative and on the other end it is convenient and cost effective.  Online classifieds are most effective and proved market winner in current vast competitive business era. No one can ignore such a powerful medium in totally changed market environment. 

 Online Classifieds Portal

Online Classifieds Portal is available to serve as your online marketplace, which gives following benefits: 

  • Online Classifieds offer simple solutions to your classified advertising needs. 
  • Promote your product, company or service to a vast audience 
  • Build consideration, awareness, and buyer response 
  • Customize ads to fit individual or company needs 
  • Convenient and easy to use 

Online classified portal site provides different categorized classifieds/ads. It also allow user to upload their ads. 

Online Classifieds Portal Modules:

 Online classifieds portal allows two types of registration: 

  1.  User registration

     User can get own account id to interact with advertiser.

  1.  Advertiser registration          

                                   User can register them selves as advertiser who can upload ads 

 There are four major section of online classified portal. 

  • Guest section   
  • User section
  • Advertiser section
  • Admin section 

Guest section:

In this section, guest user can view categorized classifieds/ads.

Register themselves as a user or advertiser.

Guest user can search a particular classifieds.

Guest user can view company information, contact detail and can also give suggestion/feedback about site or classifieds. 

User Section: 

 In this section, user can view categorized classifieds/ads and also able to save the particular ads.

User can send a query request for particular classified/ad and get response from advertiser for that query.

User can also search particular classifieds/ads.

User can also update their personal profile and password.

User can also give a feedback for the site or classified. 

Advertiser Section:  

 In this section advertiser can purchase scheme to upload their classifieds/ads.

Advertiser can upload and manage different classifieds in particular scheme.

Advertiser can receive query from user and able to give response too.

Advertiser also able to view his/her scheme ledger that contains information like:

  • How many schemes are there
  • How many classifieds/ads are uploaded in particular scheme
  • Scheme status (i.e. running, expired or inactive) and sufficient balance, etc. 

Admin Section: 

Admin can manage different database entries.

Admin can view the information related registered users, advertisers with their scheme details and their feedback.

Admin can also upload/update ads.

Admin can approve scheme activation and ad activation request of the advertiser.

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