Project titled online crime reporting system project acts as a communication platform between public, police department and management team. This software is developed in programming language using sql sever.

Online Crime Reporting System

Project Abstract:

With the increase of communication system and management applications in our day to day life and public service sector developing online crime reporting system will be a helpful software application. This application works on web where public and police department can use to get effective service compare to the existing manual record management method.

Main objective of this web application is to manage criminal details in a centralized database and provide solution for public to give complaint through online and get online service.

Online Crime Reporting System Modules:

This application is developed with three main modules user module, admin module and administration module.

User Module:   This module is for public who want to contact nearby police station to give complaint or know about laws and rules. User will have option to know rules and regulations for knowledge and register with application to give complaint.

Administration Module:  This module is accessible to higher officials in police department who will have permission to process information to other officials.

Department Module: This module is accessible for officials in the police stations. They can view complaint details contact user take respective action and move file to new department and update status of complaint.

Download Online Crime reporting system project source code in with project report, documentation, ppt, database, Data flow diagram.