Project titled E tax summery system is a revenue related application which is useful for any employee or business persons to directly generate summary report by just uploading required documents to website.  For finalizing tax payments users can submit report with deductions. This report can be used by user to discuss with accounts section and process for taxation.  After taxes are paid user can download file in word or pdf format.

Online E Tax Summary System Project

Online E Tax Summary System Project


With the advancement of web applications and online services there are new ideas with time saving services are provided by users. Account management and tax payment is a complicated and compulsory for every company. For managing financial statements each company will have CA to look after records and file tax. There are cases where small companies cannot hire CA , in that case these type of web applications will be useful .

Project scope:

Citizens who are working at different countries may not be available for tax payments, in order to generate tax statement uses can upload files to website and download summary report.

Existing system: 

In existing system each company will have their own charted accountants who will look after tax payments and financial statements. But single person or small companies cannot hire CA in that case we need a alternate source.

Proposed System: 

In proposed system we are developed a web portal which will have all features for generating final summary report based on input documents users are providing. User can download summary file and finalize tax payments. 

Modules overview: 

Registration module: 

Using this module user can get unique id and password to access web portal. Using these details user can communicate with admin.

 Required documents and Appointment:

After generating tax summary user should upload required documents given on website and take appointment for interview . 

Summary and Payment: 

After interview user will get detailed summary report and he can download summary in pdf format. User can pay amount through online. 

Download Online E Tax Summary System Project source code in java with project report.