Online Gift shopping website project is an e-commerce website which is a business to consumer-related business which assists users to purchase products through online. Online shopping is fast growing business which provides cost-effective e-commerce solutions. This platform helps in bringing users, business persons, and product owners on a single platform.

E gift shopping website is specially designed for users to purchase different types of gifts available under a different category. The user will have a list of products with product description and cost of the product. Users can purchase products by adding gifts to cart. This project is developed in using 3 tier architecture with SQL server database.


The e-shopping shop wishes to promote different kinds of products to purchaser dwelling in any part of the arena. the website will show all products in the categorized way. A customer can browse any product for its price and other information and can order the product. orders wish to accompany with shipping & billing info. A consumer has to pay order quantity online through credit score playing cards. products can be managed via operators from admin panel. The operator may be created with the aid of admin. admin can hold track of orders thru admin panel.
The main cause of the gadget is to permit customers to browse and order from any part of the arena and consequently growing commercial enterprise scope.

  • The Existing system works under a manual process where human should manually do work.
  • There are chances of mismanagement of data or data loss.
  • Security for data is very less.
  •  There was no proper interaction between different modules.
  •  The existing system is not user-friendly.


The development of the new system contains the following activities, which try to automate the entire process keeping in view of the database integration approach.

This proposed online gift shopping website is a secured system which will have advanced features and automate the process of data integration approach.
1. The application is user-friendly and provides better security.
2. Using this system project management work will be easier.
3. As entire process is user automated chances of data mismanagement is low.
4. Security is given higher priority compared to an existing system.
5. User from any location can access this web application and purchase products.


Modules in this project
1) Customer
2) Product
3) Website Administrator
4) Operator
5) Order

Customer: The target user of the gadget. a customer is chargeable for registering them to the website online, browsing the website, placing orders and making bills.

Product: The product is the entity, a customer searching out. a product could be brought to the client.

Website Administrator: Internet site administrator: an entity accountable for dealing with customers, roles and roles privileges.

Operator: An operator is a person (entity) accountable for handling products and orders.

Order: The order is an entity which describes the business transaction.

Download Online Gift Shopping Project in Asp.Net source code, Project Report.