Online Income tax and Sales tax filing is a online software application which will be used by the people to file their income and sales tax. This application will help the people to file their forms online from their place so they don’t need to go to the corresponding office to file their returns. It is online application so they file their returns by sitting at their own place. It saves lot of time for people as well as the sales tax and income tax departments. 


The main objective of the application is to provide online application forms to file their sales tax and income tax returns. This will solve many problems people facing to file their returns. On admin side this application provides tools to check out how much money collected on each month. Who paid their taxes and who don’t pay their taxes, in turn this will help the department to take further actions. 


This application can be used by income tax and sales tax department. At this level it is serve for the one State, later same project can be implemented to the other states of the country.


       System configuration

Pentium IV 2GHz  or above

1GB RAM or higher


Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7

Front End : Microsoft Visual Webdeveloper 2005

Back End : MS SqlServer

Internet Server : IIS

Browser : Internet Explorer or Crome


Input/Output forms

Data Reports

Options for adding, editing and removing the information from the database