Software companies need better communication system for getting support from different sections so online IT Service help desk project is developed ( ASP.NET). This web portal can take complains from employees and transfer request to respective department for completing work in short time.

Online IT Service Help Desk in Asp.Net

Online IT Service Help Desk

Project Category:

Help Desk Web portal software.

Project Abstract:

Inside Software companies there are different departments who will interact to other team members for solving problems. Mainly networking engineers are useful for every project for solving issues related to network and installations. In order to provide better way of communication between them Help desk application is designed.

This application will have accounts for admin, team leaders, team members, network managers and network engineers.  Team member will send issue details to team leader who will check and forward to networking or admin for further processing.

Networking engineers will take request and take actions based on priority of message and update status details after fixing problem.

Modules over View:

Each user will have different permissions and different forms. Admin will have option to add, delete, modify employee details, and reject applications, view requests, view employees and their profiles.

Network engineer module will have login form with setting option for changing password.  He can communicate with admin using request admin and view requests and update manager profile details. He will take requests from admin or network manager to perform task.

Download Online IT Service Help Desk Project Source Code in Asp.Net

Network Manager will have separate account with profile details where he can assign action, view requests, update profile, view profile, request admin and assign work to network engineer.

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