Online Mobile Recharge Project ( ASP.NET ) provides recharge of many mobile companies as well as all kind of recharge are possible. This System will provide facility for customer to recharge mobile at any time from anywhere. This System keeps the history of the past recharges. The user have to register them self.

Online Mobile Recharge Project Use Case Diagram

Online Mobile Recharge Project Use Case Diagram


In the current system the user who want to recharge their mobile have to go to any shop where recharge is available. They have to go the shop and ask for the specific recharge. The shopkeeper keeps the record of the number in any book.                  


          The purpose of the web application is the automation of mobile recharge. It provides facilities to


  • To add Tariff plans.
  • To update, create and delete the tariff plans.


  • To enter and modify personal detail.
  • To register himself.
  • Can recharge at any time.


This website would help the customers to recharge their phones from anywhere and any time.

Planning and Scheduling:

          The basic plan is to design such a website which would help the customer order computer accessories at one click as per their requirement.We have scheduled to design this system in about 2 months which will include entire coding of the website.

Software Requirement:

Front end: ASP.NET with C#

Back end: Oracle 10g

Problem Definition:

  • Takes lot of time
  • In current system maintaining security is very difficult.
  • There are calculation errors.
  • In today’s world most of the people don’t have time to go to retail shops and do the recharge.
  • Every time your talk time runs out, you have to rush to the vendor for buying recharge.
  • Sometime while having an important talk/discussion with your friends/family/client, the talk time get over. 

Advantages of Online Mobile Recharge Project:

  • This is useful for customer to recharge mobile from anywhere and any time.
  • Easy to get information as per requirement.
  • More user friendly since .net is a easy language.
  • Maintain history of past as well as present recharges.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Very easy to maintain data and information about data.

Download Online Mobile Recharge Project Synopsis

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