Online Shopping Website Project in designed in In this project we are going to explain about main ideas that are included in website with advantages.

Project Aims: -

  1. Enable users to see all of our products online.
  2. show the products with their own images and prices.
  3. we classify our products into different categories so, the user can choose specific product which attracts him. 
  4. When clients choose a specific product. Website will display name, image and the price for the product which clients choose and automatically ask clients if they want to buy immediately or not.
  5. If the clients want to buy immediately websites asks clients for some information about credit card and tell them if it possible buy or not.
  6. If clients want to Order a new Product, the product won’t be available in the store.
  7. Only Employees and Managers have the authentications to add, update or delete either Category or Products. 

  “This project is a web application – is created by using ASP.Net 2008 – based on SQL server database.” 

Advantages of system:

    Another advantage of our website is that it does not send advertisement e-mails like similar websites to the customers. It does not also sell the customers’ e-mails to advertisers.

Teachers, doctors, lawyers, officers, engineers… etc. are  examples of our target customers. Our target customer is the one that is familiar with and has a direct contact with the internet, but has a main difficulty of understanding or  having accuracy in using English language. Our website uses a simple language that anyone can get easily and without any difficulty.

      Our website provides different ways of purchasing. The second way is when you pay in cash by contacting a reprehensive and meet wherever they both agreed on.

      All the clients’ e-mails and data are private and can never be accessible by anyone, especially advertisers.