Online Student And Faculty Assessment Test Project website is considered a great source of help to college students at a particular university. It is mainly for supporting both university instructors and university students by providing them with a number of services that they can reach via the internet. Students can go through assessment tests and download their necessary material uploaded by teachers on the web site.

Online Student And Faculty Assessment Test

Online Student And Faculty Assessment Test Project Aims:

  1. Providing admission exams for students to be accepted in the department. A student will enter the website, create an account and receive the date of his admission exam. Then, the administrator will select students who pass that test or determine interview dates for those to be interviewed.
  2. There is an automated evaluation form for each subject. At the end of each term students’ profiles will be locked until they solve the evaluation form for all the subjects which have taken. When they solve all evaluations a random number with a check digit will be automatically generated and given to them, they will use this number to unlock their profiles.
  3. Teachers will be able to have their own profile pages on the web site. They will also be able to upload materials online through the website, connect with students and other staff members by sending messages to them. They will also receive statistics about how students evaluate him, upload their CVs or create their own CVs on our system and announce important events.
  4. Students will be able to send enquiries, complaints and messages to instructors and other students. They will also be able to download materials uploaded by instructors, upload their CVs or create their own CVs on our system.

5. Other admin can search for job candidates through providing some required qualifications and select all students or alumni who have these qualifications in his CV.