Online Student Management System Project is developed in Asp.Net for improving new idea of education procedure which will help students and lectures from different part of the world can participate in the program and benefit. This online education system is a web application.

Online Student Management System

Project Overview:

This concept of education is named as Greenwich Campus education. With the advances of the this technology education institutions, health care   institutes are using online student management system applications to exchange information and practice Greenwich is these sectors.

Modules Overview:

There are mainly three modules in this application. Admin, Student and Technician,

Admin:  Admin will have unique user name and password for accessing system. He has permissions to update new course, delete old course and modify existing course. He can manage students and technicians details.

Student Module:  In order to use these application students should register with application and get unique student id to log to application. Student will have permission to view technician details, select course and contact technician for assistance.

Technician Module:  Technician is the person who wants to join teaching team using this platform. They should register with application with specific details like which course they want to take and contact details.

Overview on Form Design:

This management application will have six main features on home screen. Home, Login, Register, Courses, Administration, Help.

Login screen contains Admin Id and password with change password option.

Register form will have basic personal information which are useful for communication.

Courses form will have details of courses that are available on web site with technical details.

Using Help form users can contact admin for any queries or feedback.

Download Online Student Management System Project Source Code in Asp.Net with Project Report, documentation, PPT, Data Flow diagram.