Parking system which can suggest available location to park vehicle is a micro controller based application which can show information of slots available for parking vehicle in a traffic location.


Purpose of this project is to help car owners to locate nearest available slots to park vehicle. This method will reduce manual work and reduce traffic jams and accidents.


Parking System Which Can Suggest Available Location To Park Vehicle

Parking System Which Can Suggest Available Location To Park Vehicle


Parking is a big problem in metro cities where in small places as many as possible vehicles should be parked. When coming to apartments and shopping malls this problem is going to be more complicated. In order to overcome this we need a effective system which can help people to find best place to park vehicle and reduce work and save time.

In this application we are using slot sensors to send information of available slots and filled slots and we are using LCD screen to display list of slots. In real time scenario  parking slots are given numbers and sensors used to track numbers and send vacant slots numbers and filled slots numbers to microcontroller and these details are shown on LCD screen. But in our system we are showing prototype where we are using 3 sensors for 3 slots. Sensors at each slot will send data to micro controller. Micro controller will send data to LCD  display. User while entering he can see list of slots available and take decision to park vehicle. Based on this information controller will send data to IR sensors which will open and close doors.



  1. Microcontroller(AT89S52)
  2. Power supply
  3. Door system
  4. IR sensor TX & RX
  5. LCD(16*2 lines)
  6. Parking slots
  7. Reflection sensors 


  1. Keil Vision
  2. ISP
  3. Express PCB 


This system will reduce problem in parking and provide effective solution to park vehicles and save time.