Patient Management system or patient record management system is a same project which is useful for handling patient’s details that are visiting hospitals and using doctor facilities. Along with patient management there are also employee management, pharmacy management modules which are integrated in the application.

Patient Management System

Features of Patients Management System:

Patients management application consists of pharmacy module, employee management module and doctors management module and patients records management.

Pharmacy Management: In pharmacy management module admin will enter all medicine details in to application with batch number, medicine name, expiry date ..etc. These details are updated to database. Using this module we can know stock availability quantity of availability in pharmacy store. This module will help pharmacy store in hospital to manage medicine details.

Employee Management: Members who are working in hospital are added to software using employee addition module by admin. This module will have employee for clerk to doctor under this module. These details are updated to database which will help admin team to get details from other forms when required.

Doctors Management Module: Admin will have option to add doctors details to database using doctor addition module. In this module doctors timings, name, specialization related details are added to database. 

Forms Overview:

There are other forms like search, delete, modify, and update patients discharge details, medicine search , doctor search , employee search, doctor addition on patient, patient addition, medicine charges.

Search Form: Search form will have four sub forms doctor, medicine, tests, rooms. Each form will have many sub forms which are shown in screen shots.

Search Doctor: When admin use this option there are two options all doctors and doctors on disease. When admin clicks all doctors option list of doctors available in hospital is displayed with doctor code, doctor name, charges, description, specialist.

Download Patient Management System Project Source Code in with project Report, Documentation, PPT, Screen Shots, Data flow diagram.