Personal management assistance project is a online application which is designed in  This project helps users to manage basic information like updating phone contacts, adding address to address book, arranging meeting timings with date and time and get reminders.

Personal Management Assistance

Project Abstract:

       Developing a application which will be useful for everyone to manage personal details that too which works on internet is a useful software system. In order daily life using this address, meeting times, reminders..etc are regular with availability of net on mobile phones makes this application more useful on move.

 There are mainly two main users who will use personal assistance application features. Admin and user are primary users who will have different features based on permissions.

Personal Management Assistance Forms:

Main form of this application is home page which will have home, about us, contact us, feedback, admin login features. Admin will login with user name and password to use features.

Admin Form: Admin form will have home, add, view, reports, change password features. Add form will have country and state options for entering country name, description with add and clear buttons.  Details of available records are shown in list where we can delete or update details.

Using add state form we can add state with description, state name with add and clear features.

View Form:    View Form will have all users, user login history, user log out history, user feedback, out box sub menu options.

All Users Form:  In all users form list of available members with login id, first name, phone number with delete and update features are visible.

User login History Form: In this form admin can select from and to date to search for user login history. Display data shows login name, login date, login time.

Download Personal Management Assistance Project source code in with project report, documentation, ppt, database, Data flow diagram, Screen shots..etc.