This project Pesticides  Distribution management system project ( Asp.Net ) is designed for Pesticides Company which wants to computerize management process that is included in sales and services and customer support. This application is developed in programming language using MS Sql Database. 

Distribution Management System

Propest company want to include new technologies in to there work to improve sales and services. With the improvement of new technologies it is easy to reach many users through online and improve business and improve system performance. This process is called as distribution management system. 

  This management system is mainly designed to reduce problems that are faced in previous system. Main problem in present system is delay in communication between client and company. 

Distribution Management System  Modules: 


  • Each dealer who is associated with company can register and view information on latest products and business details through online. Dealers can get support from online on products for marketing. 
  • Information of each product with cost and dealer discount is updated to system which will help dealers to calculate profit on products. 
  • Dealers can know information of clients available in their area and reach them. 
  • Easy to communicate with company officials for any services and support within short time. 
  • Dealers can find information of customers in their area and sell reach them to explain about product. 
  • It is easy to share information between dealers and sales employees through online. 
  • Dealer can interact with marketing expert teams through online and get useful suggestions to improve business. 


  • User who want to buy products through online can buy directly form company using online purchase method. 
  • Before buying any product client can view detailed explanation about product. 
  • If clients want to contact dealers they can know information of dealers in their area and directly contact them for buying products. 
  • Before using any product client can view detailed explanation about product information and elements used in the product and other effects details. 
  • For any customer support on products clients can contact customer support team.

 Download Pesticides Distribution Management System Project in Asp.Net with project report documentation, ppt.