Commn Tracker a Planning and tracking system project in Asp.Net is a web application which is a business application provides solution for companies to automate different operations which are carried manually.  In this application smart search facility with centralized database is used. In this project we use internal and extarnal entities with dynamic flow between them.

Planning and Tracking System Project

Advantages of Planning and tracking system project:

 Commn Tracker provides an interface for integrating all the islands of data units, which doesn’t have relation between them.

  It provides an automated system of all the employees’ important details regarding the domain, practice, and project. Also personal and work status information is also being automated.

  It helps in developing the projects already available, which meets the present market and customer requirements.

  People Allocation System in commn Tracker helps in recruitment of new employers and assignment of employees into the projects.

  This application plays a vital role in reporting the accurate data to the team manager and service delivery manager and also some other vertical levels.

  It avoids all the manual operations and provides tracking system to forecast the future operations to take decisions within time limit.

  Utilization of the available resources can be increased rapidly by using this application, commn Tracker in a resourceful manner.

Planning and Tracking System Project Modules:






  P A S (People Allocation System)


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