Police crime record management system project is developed based on distributed database architecture in Asp.Net using centralized MSSQL Server database. This application modules are explained below.

Police Crime Record Management System Project

Number of Modules:

The system after careful analysis has been identified to be presented with the following modules.

1.      Police station registration module.
2.      Victims FIR registration module.
3.      Investigating evidence registration module.
4.      Security Module.

Police station registration module: In this module we are having the police station id as a primary key. police territory id is retrieved from  territory master table.  The highest designation incharge id can be accessed from designation master table. In this module employee details can be retrieved from the department employee master table. In this table employee id is a primary key. The entire details for this module are maintained by administrator. This module mainly deals with the police station details, employee details  and territory details. 

Victims FIR registration module:  In this module master table is Victim_Fir_Master. In this table FIR no is the primary key and victim id is the foreign key. Without entering the victim details we can’t enter into the FIR details form. In this module the entire data will be maintain by the writer. This data plays a vital role in investigating the crime by the investigation officer. This module mainly deals with the victim details and FIR details of the particular crime. 

Investigating evidence registration module: This module dynamically concentrates upon the changes that take place while the system of investigation is under process. In this module investigation_detail table is the master table. In that investigation_officer_id is the primary key. In this module we maintain the evidence details by giving evidence_id as a primary key. The investigating officer may get more evidences by investigating the crime number of times. In this module the entire database will be maintain by the investigation officer.

Security Module: This module maintains and manages the security standards that may be necessary in accessing the system as per the required authorization. By using this we can stop unauthorized access from unauthorized users. In this module login form is the master table. The administrator can only give the permissions for his users. In this module we provide a hint option to remember the password. We are having three profiles to access the particular profile we should give the respective profile ID in the create login form.

 Download Police Crime Record Management System Project In Asp.Net with project report, documentation, source code, design details and database.