Port Trust Department Administration is an online website, to manage day to day operation of Port Trust Department. This online website based software will help the port trust department to manage its operations digitally, till now which are managed manually. There are many time bound operations are going on in the port trust, to manage all these operations, computerization is very much required to complete the task in time. The planned website will help to do all these operations. 


The main objective of the application is to provide an option registered the berths and allocation of births, the other main objective of the project is to collect all the fees and communicate the same with all other concerned department. The another objective of the project is to provide an options to agents, ship owners, forwarding and clearing agents to register themselves online and manage their activities online. 


Port Trust Department Administration is  website based software to manage port day to day operations. Port trust comes under the Ministry of Indian Shipping in India we have many port trusts, all these trusts need this software to manage their day to day operations. On successful completion with one trust it can be implemented in all other port trusts, not only in India it can also be implemented in many other countries Port Trusts.


       System configuration

Pentium IV 2GHz  or above

1GB RAM or higher


Color Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse


Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7

Front End : Microsoft Visual Webdeveloper 2005 (asp.net)

Back End : MS SqlServer

Internet Server : IIS

Browser : Internet Explorer or Crome


Input/Output forms

Data Reports

Options for adding, editing and removing the information from the database