Aim of System

                In The Raw Material Production Automation System Project the Purchase of Row Material, Sales of cloths Taka, Employee Working Detail, Employee Salary, and Machine Detail are managed by the System. This system provides various reports such as Status of Purchase and Sales Bill, Employee Wise Production, Machine Wise Production etc. 

 Production Automation System

Production Automation System Scope:

         Currently all tasks are manually done, which is very complicated and takes much time. It was not possible to maintain production details easily. So there was a need for making the fastest computerized working system. 

              The Objectives of this “Raw Material Production Automation System” is to maintain

  • Party Records
  • Purchase Stock, Purchase Entry
  • Sales Bill Entry and Printing
  • Challan Entry and Printing
  • Cloths Entry Process
  • Mill Entry Process
  • Employee Salary process
  • Various type of Report such as Sales Bill, Send Bill, and Employee Salary Etc. . . .

Objectives of System

  •             The client-server system names “Raw Material Production Automation System” makes Reports such as Status of Purchase and Sales Bill, Employee Wise Production, Machine Wise Production, Item Wise Sales and Purchase.

Modules Overview:

Company :

Company book includes Company name, Contact no, Address, Product and Detail. This information is store in company record book some information are change to company record in books edit record from company  then write to   new company record then updated data from record book this type of process long time and wastage  time . 

Party :

                                Party book include Party name, Address, Contact No and Party Detail Recorded party book to be store sales purchase party detail in party Book. 

 Employee :

Employee book include Employee name, Address, Contact No and Employee And daily work entry Detail.

Download Raw Material Production Automation System Project Report with documentation, Data flow diagram.