This Project Management Information System Project in Asp.Net is Divided into 5 modules

  • Login module(Presentation module)
  • Data Processing module
  • Time Sheet module
  • Mailing Assistance
  • Reports

Project Management Information System

Login Module: The login module will validate the user based on the user name and password, if the entered userid and pwd is valid then based on the designation the privileges are being accessed by that user, and all presentation are comes in this module every presentation is done with xml,jsp,js and html .

This module deals with the registration of client, project, team and employees registration (for this project only).

Time sheet Module: This module will be accessible only to the project  manager, when the project is not completed successfully at the issued date or completion date, then PM will register the extended issue date based on the pending work.

Data Processing Module: This module is responsible for all the processing regarding to the registration module. This module will check for the business logic, data base operations, resource management.

Mailing Assistance:

    This module deals with the intranet mailing system to assign the work to different low level authorities by project manager and project leader.

Youtube video link to view design details.


The report will be of different types:

  • Client Report
  • Project Report
  • Project Status Report
  • Time Sheet Report
  • Work assign Report

Client reports  :  In this report we need client details, his projects details, starting date of project and client required ending date

Project Status report : In this report we need project details as well as status of that project.

Employees details report  :  In this report we need  employees details  only

Time Sheet report : in this report we are retrieving the details of the time schedule allotted to the employees.

Download Project Management Information System Project Source Code in Asp.Net