Project tracking and scheduling system project is a software management related application developed in using sql severs as database. Main objective for designing this application is to understand various concepts that are used in project management software and implement all features which will reach existing project scheduling software that are available in the market.

Project Tracking and Scheduling System

Project Introduction:

Use of Software engineering is increasing day by day in every part of life. We see many software companies which manage many projects at a time and complete work in given time. In order to manage different projects software companies must have a effective project management software for tracking and managing projects.

This project tracking project provided here explains about how to manage different projects, update project details, manage employees for every project, contact employees, personal details.

Project Scheduling and Tracking System Features:

We can allot project to specific team and manage employees and project details.

Scheduling can be done based on time and requirement using this software.

Setting up starting and ending date for  project completion.

For every project daily updates and work progress is managed using this software.

Money management for each project can be done using this software.

Project Modules:

There are totally five main modules in project scheduling and management software.

Project List: In this module we can find total projects that are in active in the company and this module will display project name, time and date with project description.

Time Period:   Projects starting and ending time details are updated in this module. Time period will be changed based on customer requirement and updates.

Rate/Hours:  After project is approved and ground work is done it should be allotted to team. This module will allot time and hours for employee and team.

Project status and back up and restore are other modules which are explained in project report.

Download Project scheduling and project tracking system project source code in with project report and documentation, ppt, UML diagram, database, Data flow diagram.