Remote Desktop Spying Project  in asp.Net software package is designed to monitor the activities of any computer system in a local area network. In a local area network any system can be configured as a server or administrator system and through this administrator system one can view the active image which is displayed on the monitor of any system in the network upon request from the administrator. The administrator from his system can view these captured images and may record/store for future use. The software is equipped with various other utilities like online teaching, remote application execution. With this kind of features the software will play a good roll in some educational institutes, computer lab and on any private local area network.

Remote Desktop Spying Project

This application runs in a local network basically the application connects to the remote client system using the IP address. The administrator must know the IP address of the systems in the network to make the application work. In the server application the remote client system’s IP address specified in the address field and the connection is established by clicking the connect button. Once the connection with the client is established the administrator can do various tasks. 

The development is categorized into two major types as

  •  Server
  •  client 

Remote Desktop Spying Server Version

In this version all the system in the local area network which is connected is display along with their connection status. Provision to connect to any client system is made using the IP address. At any time any client can be connect or disconnected. 

In an active connection with client system the administrator can do the following

  •  Capture desktop image
  • Remote application execution
  •  Import and export files
  •  Remote system Lock

Download Remote Desktop Spying Project in Asp.Net with full project report and documentation.