Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net is useful for security agencies for detecting criminals on locations using image processing techniques. 

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net

Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project  Module Description:

                 In the first phase, maximum numbers of face images are obtained either, as live images from CCD Camera, Web camera, Camcorder etc., or as stored images from scanners and as external file inputs.

                 By activating the setup command button an image is displayed on the user control by retrieving all initial records of the respective databanks (viz., forehead, eyes and mouth) by using the previous and next keys it is possible to align all the slices in order to generate a human face.

                 By using the “construct” command button, the full image will be reconstructed using all the three slices i.e., combining all the three slices into a full image in order to generate an identifiable human face. Different pre-processing methods can be applied on the generated human face for analysis.                 

Module 1: Get photo

                This module will just get the photo that is to be processed. The functions that are to be performed on this photo are display image, display, slice, move slice, free slice etc. 

Module 2: Setup photo

                 This module will perform the various functions like getting the image, updating the image, moving slices, getting the pixel and setting the pixel 

Module 3: About person

                 This has the details of the image and the database related to the image. The database consists of the details of the image, their position and the type of the image and the method that should be applied and so on. It also has some predefined functions that are performed on the database of the image. 

Module 4: Save image

                  This module saves the image for the future processing. It frequently updates the image if any changes were made. This helps the system to use the saved image in any other module without searching for a new image. 

Module 5: Print Image

                  This will print the image we have generated. The image here will be sent from the previous module and will be available for printing. The image here will be updated in the save module.

 Download  Resilient Identity Crime Detection Project in Vb.Net with Source code, Project Report, Database.