University students need a online procedure for booking available resources. This application Resource Reservation system project is web based application which can be accessible by university student and teachers only.

Resource Reservation System In Asp.Net

Resource Reservation System

Project Category:

Web based Reservation System Project

Project Overview:

This application is developed for universities for planning lab timings, meeting with teachers, reserving meetings..Etc. In existing system students should visit college and meet respective department members to know about availability of timings and time to get slot.

This process is a time taking process, in order to solve this problem online resource reservation method is introduced.  In this method students will look after available slots and directly reserve or take appointment.

Software Requirement:

Front End Design: Asp.Net

Database: SQL Server

Benefits and Features:

The ability to integrate resource reservation system with student information system to create and steam lined process for scheduling.

User can login using user name and password

Conformation email after reservation is completed.

Download Resource Reservation System Project in Asp.Net

Database Tables:

List of sql tables used in this project

Users, subjects to teacher, subjects, diplomas, projects

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