RFID automated billing system for shopping malls aim is to develop a embedded based system using RFID technology for auto billing by sending information of products using RF transmitted and receives as billing desk and we can bill with out waiting in line. 


This application purpose is to develop a embedded hardware application which uses RFID and RF technology.  In order to provide fast way of billing with out using line system this application is useful.


RFID Automated Billing System for Shopping Malls

RFID Automated Billing System for Shopping Malls



In existing system in every shopping mall billing is done by manual method where users should stand in line and calculate billing amount. This is time taking process , with the availability of new technology like RFID based and  RF wireless communication. When users places products in to trolley RFID reader in the trolley will read tags and send information to microcontroller using RF transmitter. RF receiver will receive data and display total amount on LCD. Billing Desk will have keypad to add or delete amount from list and generate bill. Total amount is displayed on LCD.  In this project we have two sections transmitter and receiver. Transmitter is integrated with trolley where as receiver section will be with billing section. 


  1. Keil IDE
  2. Express PCB


  1. Micro Controller
  2. RFID tag
  3. RFID Reader
  4. RF transmitter
  5. RF receiver
  6. Keypad
  7. LCD
  8. Power Supply
  9. MAX 232
  10. PC



This application will provide solution for fast billing and save time for users and shopping malls.