This embedded based hardware project is developed to reduce manual work for students and examination management team . RFID technology is used to track student details and room information.


Purpose of RFID based examination hall management system is to reduce manual work and improve comfort for examination department and students. 



RFID Based Examination Hall Management System

RFID Based Examination Hall Management System

Power Supply: 



This application RFID BASED examination system will use tags mainly called as RFID tags which will have code embedded in it. When student enters examination hall user should swipe tag with barcode , details of student and other details are shown on screen and details are also shown on pc. 



RFID is mostly used technology in present scenario for identifiying objects and persons and transferring data electronically to computers. In this technology radio frequency is used to extract data from tag and transmit data over radio waves. Using this technology we can identify objects and know about objects data by reading.  Using this technology in sorting, finding, detecting.

In this method we use three hardware components for reading, transmitting and tags. Tags are cards which will have embedded unique number. If this tag is shown to reader it will detect and number is read. Based on range of detection these tags are divided for large distance we can use active tags and short distance we can use passive tags. In shopping malls we can see dresses are attached with tags which are read while billing and update data to database. 


  1. Embedded C
  2. Keil µvision
  3.  ISP
  4. Express PCB


  1. Microcontroller
  2. Power supply
  3. RFID reader
  4. RFID tags
  5. Lcd (16*2)