Live Document – Rich Text editor project is master’s project developed in programming language. Designing a web application similar to that of Google documents where we can edit content, store data, share document.

Rich Text Editor Project

Project Category:

Web Based Rich Text Document Editor Software

Project Synopsis:

Document editors are mostly used tools by employees, accountants, students , business people..etc.  Documentation process is compulsory in every field. So there are many applications which are introduced to improve standards of documentation process.

Initially Microsoft word was only option for users to perform documentation. At present new applications are introduced like google docs where users can manage documents using cloud feature. At a time user from different locations can modify document at a time and save data. Users can download same file form any location. This entire process is online process.

Rich Text Editor Project Design Details:

List of forms used in this application

Documents, document sharing, export data, export documentation, settings.

Users should register with application for using online document editor software.  Users can view public documents, upload new documents and read frequently asked question.

Software requirements:

Front End is designed using ( C#) and Ajax.

Database details are shown in backend file. This file consists of source code for how to open database using username and password. Details are given manually.

Project Advantages:

Provides solution for sharing, editing data using document editor

Download files from any location by logging in to user account.

Public users can view other user’s documents which are under public sharing.

Download Live Document and Rich Text Editor Software Source Code in Asp.Net