Sales and Rental System project is a stand alone application which is useful for bca, mca, CSE,IT Students. This project is developed in using mysql database.

Project Proposal:

This software application is developed by considering existing issues in video rental shops which uses manual methods for managing customers information, billing details..etc. There is scope for computerizing entire system which will reduce man power and increase scope for data interpretation.

 Modules Over view:

Sales and inventory module, calendar, Rental system are main modules used in this system. There are different forms for every module.

Stock Management Form: Updating stock details, with billing information, time and date to database is performed using this form

Sales Form: When a DVD is rented or purchased by customer billing details with DVD name, customer name, amount payment with date and time are updated using this form

Adding Rental category: DVD available in video shop belongs to different category ( music, movies, education, games..etc) . When stock is updated we can create new category and add dvd name to that category using this form.

Graph Inventory: For analyzing sales and stock details manager can use this form. Details are displayed in the graphical form which is easy for analyzing data.

Download Sales and Rental System Project Source Code in Asp.Net